Cultural tours in Kerala

Kerala, known as God’s Own Country, is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich culture. The Cultural tours in Kerala are the perfect means to learn about the culture of Kerala.

Above all, it’s a place where culture and art are deeply rooted in the daily life. Among the myriad cultural treasures that Kerala offers, two traditional art forms stand out. They are further called Kathakali and Theyyam.

These two are ancient form of art and an integral part of state’s culture. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a Cultural tours in Kerala from Delhi.

During which, we will explore these charming art forms. Above all, get to know about the vibrant culture of the region.

Kathakali: The Dance of Expression

Kathakali is an ancient folk Indian dance drama that came from Kerala itself. It is known for its vibrant outfits, minute makeup, and expressive move. Kathakali is a visual and emotional spectacle that tells stories from Indian epics.

They come from epics for example the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It’s a charming art form that blends dance, drama, music, and makeup. With that, they further convey great stories and emotions.

Experiencing Kathakali in Kerala

1: Trip to Kochi

Your cultural journey firstly begins with a flight from Delhi to Kochi (Cochin). It is a city known for its rich history and cultural remains.

Once in Kochi, you can explore the local markets and ancient sites. Few are for example Fort Kochi, which has a vibrant arts scene.

2: Watch a Kathakali Dance

Kerala is full of theaters and various centers that host Kathakali programs. Firstly, attend one of these shows to witness the grandeur and artistry up close. The dancers’ loud makeup, vibrant outfits, and dramatic moves are sure to leave you spellbound.

3: Meet the Artists

After the program, you can often meet with the Kathakali artists. They are more than happy to share insights into their art form.

Further, they can explain the symbolism behind the makeup and outfits. They can even give you a brief display of the minute facial expressions. Above all, they are a hallmark of this dance.

4: Backstage Experience

If you are very curious, some centers offer backstage experiences also. There you can watch the artists prepare for the program.

This behind the scenes glimpse into the world of Kathakali is a unique chance. After that, you will admire the dedication and skill of the artists.

5: Workshops and Classes

If you want a more intense experience, some centers also offer Kathakali workshops. Here, you can learn some of the basic move and expressions of this pleasant art form. There are trained artists to guide you further.

Theyyam: The Living Ritual of Northern Kerala

Theyyam is a vibrant and ancient ritualistic art form. It hails from the northern Malabar region of Kerala. Unlike the stage based Kathakali, Theyyam is a living ritual.

It is performed in the temples and villages of the region. Above all, it’s a deeply divine and cultural experience. That further offers a unique window into the folk customs of Kerala.

Seeing Theyyam in Kerala

1: Journey to Kannur

To witness the Theyyam programs, you’ve to go to the district of Kannur. It is in northern Kerala.

From Kochi, you can firstly take a scenic drive to Kannur. It is further known for its stunning beaches and rich cultural aspects.

2: Attend a Theyyam Ceremony

Theyyam program mainly take place in the early morning or late evening. They are further done at village temples.

The performers, known as Theyyam artists, undergo a hard preparation process. It meanwhile include minute makeup, outfits, and invoking the spirit of the deity they portray.

3: Divine Connection

The Theyyam program is not merely a visual spectacle but a deeply divine experience. It’s said that during the program, the artist convert into the deity.

He further imparts blessings and guidance to the people. As a tourist, you can meanwhile witness and even take part in the rituals. That further make it a profoundly intense experience.

4: Photography and Respect

Photography can be done at Theyyam program. But it’s needed to do so with respect.

Further, always ask before taking photos, and be mindful of the sanctity of the rituals. Above all, wear modest clothes and maintain a proper distance from the performers and people.

5: Explore Kannur

In addition to Theyyam, Kannur offers many other cultural joys. They include ancient forts, pristine beaches, and a rich culinary scene. Take the time to explore the town and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Planning Your Cultural Tour from Delhi

When planning your cultural tour from Delhi to Kerala to experience Kathakali and Theyyam. Meanwhile, keep these practical tips in mind.

1: Season

The best time to witness Kathakali and Theyyam programs in Kerala is during the winters. They are from October to March. The weather is pleasant, and cultural festivals are in full swing.

2: Stays or Hotels

Kerala offers a good range of staying options. You can select from lavish resorts to budget friendly guest houses.

Read more here:

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose stay in Kochi or Kannur. That too further close to the cultural centers.

3: Transportation

Kerala has a well connected network for transport. It further include airports, railway stations, and roadways. Plan your travel schedule like flights and local transport in advance.

4: Cultural Centers

Research and choose known cultural centers and program venues. They further ensure a real and high quality program of Kathakali.

5: Local Manners

Respect local customs and rituals when attending cultural events. Wear modest clothes, and remove your shoes when needed. Above all, follow any thing told by the performers and organizers.

A cultural tour from Delhi to Kerala to experience Kathakali and Theyyam is a great journey. This is a journey into the heart and soul of this pleasant state.

These ancient art forms are not just programs but living expressions of Kerala’s rich culture. Immerse yourself in the world of Kathakali and see the divine fervor of Theyyam. You will admire Kerala’s heritage deeply and the enduring customs that make it truly special.

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