In India, people have special celebrations where they worship Hindu gods and goddesses. Raksha Bandhan is a special festival that honors the special bond between a brother and sister. It’s a special day when brothers and sisters celebrate their relationship with a special bracelet called rakhi and exchange gifts with each other.

Have you recently welcomed a baby brother? Congratulations!!! Even though he is very young, he won’t understand the festival. But as his sister, you must want to make this festival very exciting for him. 

Keep rakhis relaxed or not tightly tied.

When you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your little brother, it’s important to know how to tie the rakhi. Normally, we make the knot of a rakhi tighter on the wrist to feel more at ease. However, this could make the baby uncomfortable. Make sure to loosely tie a rakhi around the baby’s wrist so that their blood can flow easily. If you tie a rakhi too tight, it can make the baby’s skin itchy or give them a rash. It’s important to avoid doing this.

Take your time and don’t rush.

Raksha Bandhan is a happy festival celebrated with lots of excitement and getting together with loved ones. Your little brother may not fully understand what is happening and why everyone is so happy. The little one can feel scared or overwhelmed when there are too many loud noises and commotion happening. So, when you are celebrating Raksha Bandhan and tying the rakhi for your baby, try to make the celebrations more calm and relaxed.

Gifts that are suitable for a particular age group that can be given during the Rakhi festival.

Another thing you can do for Raksha Bandhan celebrations with your baby brother is choosing gifts that are right for his age. You can help him grow and stay safe by picking the right gift for his age. Toys and other presents sometimes have tiny pieces that could be dangerous if a baby accidentally swallows them. Make sure the gift you pick for the baby is suitable for them. Here are some ideas for presents to give to your baby brother on Rakhi day.

  • Soft toys are a really good present to give to your little brother or sister for Rakhi. These toys are very soft, fluffy, and comfy. Soft toys can make your baby brother feel better and safe when he is worried. These toys come in different colors and feel different, which can help a baby’s senses.
  • Clothes – Giving your baby brother new clothes is one of the best gifts for Rakshabandhan. You choose a little outfit for a baby, like a jumpsuit, t-shirt, pants, or whatever you want. The pretty clothes you choose for your beloved baby brother will make him look even cuter.
  • You can also give books for babies to your younger sibling. Baby books have lots of pictures with cartoons, letters, and numbers that your little brother will really like. And this will also inspire him to read and develop a love for books in the future.
  • Soft and cozy blankets are a great gift idea for your new baby brother. Just like a stuffed animal, a blanket will make your baby brother feel safe and cozy. It will also help him sleep and make him feel warm.

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Playing games or activities for fun.

Raksha Bandhan is a special time when you get to spend good time with your brothers and sisters and show them how much you love them. When your baby brother is not sleeping, you can spend time with him by playing together or holding him in your arms. Remember to take some photos. Your little brother might not be able to remember or understand anything at the moment, but you can show him these pictures many years from now to remember and experience this Raksha Bandhan again.

Your little brother is really cute and fragile. Even though he won’t remember the parties when he gets older, you can still make the day important for him. Buy him the finest presents and rakhi for this special occasion. If you are unsure of where to buy newborn baby rakhi, you can check out Bloomsvilla. This is a popular online rakhi shop that sells a wide variety of rakhis for babies and other gifts. You can purchase and send an Indian rakhi to any city for free using this store.

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