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Experts confirm that over 3,000 diseases are occurring in the skin, hair, and nails, which could be acute or chronic to affect people of all ages. As per WHO statistics, at any point, over  900 million people are affected by one of the skin diseases. And most dangerous among them is melanoma skin cancer, the 15 most common cancer worldwide, affecting over 150,000 in 2020. And the good part is that over 99% of melanoma skin cancer can survive if detected early. And it is what the top dermatologist in London does with experience in the state of facilities with advanced equipment. Hence, people must find the best dermatologist with the right qualifications, experience, and facilities to treat many skin,  hair, and nail issues. Not getting treatment with a specialized dermatologist may have mediocre treatment, side effects, and other issues.

So, check out the essential characteristics of the top dermatologist in London to not only detect skin cancer early but also treat acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc, along with preventing hair fall to have self-esteem and live a healthy and happy life.

 Four fantastic characteristics of the top dermatologist London

Dermatologists are doctors with a specialty to play detective with the body’s largest organ, the skin. In the UK, doctors must undergo a training program for four years to become dermatologists, including one year in a district general hospital and three years in skin specialist hospitals. It is to get experience in general dermatology, skin surgery, and paediatric dermatology. Hence, the top dermatologists will have enough experience treating thousands of skin diseases and conducting surgeries. So, they can remove the pregnant mother’s dangerous melanoma in its treatable stage early and treat the baby’s birthmark, threatening its eyesight. Also it gives relief to people with chronic eczema to sleep properly and also to diagnose the life-threatening liver condition of older people causing unbearable itching, among others. The top dermatologists in London should have the following characteristics to do all of it and more.

  1. They can find the different health conditions from their reflection on the skin that shows the many signs.
  2. Must be able to combine giving the right medicine to treat many skin issues and do surgeries if essential to reduce suffering and save lives.
  3. It can treat many skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis to provide suffering people enough sleep, reduce depression, and increase productivity.
  4. Must be certified by one of the boards like BAD or British Association of Dermatologists, BSMD or British Society of Medical Dermatology, etc.

The best skin clinics in the UK have the top dermatologists in London with all the above characteristics and more to provide the right treatments for over 3,000 skin diseases and do surgeries if essential to reduce suffering and pain.

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