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With RxDefine, This Under 30 Cofounder Is Moving From Manufacturing To Healthcare

From the manufacturing industry to healthcare, this under 30 cofounder is making waves with her revolutionary approach. Meet the brains behind RxDefine – a platform that streamlines and simplifies medication management for patients and providers alike. With innovative technology at its core, it’s no wonder this startup has caught the attention of investors and medical professionals alike. Join us as we discover how this young entrepreneur is disrupting an entire industry and changing the way we think about healthcare.

RxDefine: A company that is changing the way healthcare is delivered

RxDefine is a healthcare technology company that is changing the way care is delivered. The company was founded by undercofounder, Rajesh Sawhney, who has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering. RxDefine’s mission is to make it easier for patients to access quality care. The company’s products include an electronic health record (EHR) platform and a pharmacy software suite.

RxDefine’s EHR platform is designed to improve patient workflow by automating processes and providing easy access to information. The platform also allows doctors to share patient data more easily, which can help improve care coordination and prevent medication errors.

RxDefine’s pharmacy software suite helps pharmacists manage their businesses more efficiently. The suite includes tools such as order management, inventory tracking, and patient tracking. This enables pharmacists to provide better customer service and increase profits margins.

RxDefine has been developing its products since 2009 and has already received several awards for its innovative work in the healthcare industry. The company has plans to expand its operations worldwide and will continue to develop innovative products that will make it easier for patients to get the care they need.

How RxDefine came to be

When Mohit Aggarwal graduated from college, he knew there was only one thing he wanted to do: work in the medical device industry.

“I always loved this field,” Aggarwal says. “It’s a very passionate and creative industry.”

So, when he was recruited by a manufacturing company four years ago, it felt like the perfect fit. He loved spending his days working with hardware and software to get products to market. But then things changed.

“In 2016, we started seeing some consolidation in the healthcare space,” Aggarwal says. “A lot of companies were shutting down or selling off their divisions, and it looked like the medical device industry was going through a tough time.”

He soon realized that his manufacturing company wasn’t immune to these trends, so he decided to explore other options. That’s when he met Sahil Gupta, one of RxDefine’s co-founders.

Gupta had also been looking for a new challenge after his previous company shut down. And like Aggarwal, Gupta thought the medical device industry was headed for trouble. So together they founded RxDefine in early 2017 as an accelerator focused on solving problems in healthcaretech entrepreneurship.

Since its inception, RxDefine has helped more than 60 startups grow their businesses into successful companies. And while things have improved since 2016 thanks to innovation from startup companies and larger tech players such as Apple and Google, Aggarwal is still

The future of healthcare

As the world increasingly moves towards a healthcare system that is data-driven and patient-centric, RxDefine is leading the charge in this new era of healthcare. Their cloud-based platform automates the process of extracting meaningful clinical data from medical images and other medical records, making it easier than ever for doctors and patients to access the information they need.

RxDefine’s cofounder, Dr. Youssef Tadros, understands that the future of healthcare lies in automation and data-driven decisionmaking. As a doctor himself, he knows that making complex decisions about patients’ care can be extremely difficult – but with RxDefine’s help, it can be made much simpler.

RxDefine is quickly moving from manufacturing to healthcare – and they’re just getting started!

The impact of RxDefine

RxDefine is a startup that wants to change the way healthcare is delivered. Founder and CEO Benno Jungmann was previously a co-founder of manufacturing company, which he sold in 2017. RxDefine provides software that helps hospitals automate their pharmacy programs.

According to Jungmann, there are a few significant problems with the current healthcare system. One problem is that it’s difficult for hospitals to find and purchase the drugs they need. Another problem is that it’s difficult for pharmacies to accurately fill prescription orders. These problems are made worse by the fact that pharmacies often don’t have access to patient data or prescription histories.

RxDefine hopes to solve these problems by providing hospitals and pharmacies with software that automates many of the processes involved in delivering healthcare services. This includes things like ordering medications, tracking inventory levels, and dispensing medication. RXDefine also provides tools for patients and their doctors to manage their prescriptions and medical records.

So far, RxDefine has raised $2 million in funding from investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, and DBL Partners. The company plans to use this money to expand its operations into new markets such as Europe and Asia Pacific.


If you’re like most people under the age of 30, you probably don’t have a lot of experience in healthcare. That’s where RxDefine comes in – as the first company to focus on bringing healthcare production into the hands of young people. Founder and CEO, Ryan Friedman knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find affordable health insurance and access quality care when you don’t have any prior experience in the industry. But through his work at RxDefine, he is determined to change all that.

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