Best Deals For Black Friday

This is the history of Black Friday, the year’s biggest shopping holiday.

Black Friday is often regarded as the official start of the holiday shopping season. Millions of shoppers start searching for the best deals on Christmas gifts for their loved ones and friends as soon as the last Thanksgiving dessert has been served. You may have witnessed the chaos, long lines, and general chaos of sale.

Have you ever wondered how came to be? We have all the details about, starting with the name and ending with the date that the first shopping bonanza was established. Although Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday’s extension seem to begin earlier every year, it is still the best day to get great deal on furniture and appliance discounts such as air fryers or food processors.

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It is called Black Friday

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Black Friday was not about shopping but money. The price of gold plunged on September 24, 1869. This caused panic in the securities markets, which had a negative impact on the economy of the United States. Eek! Eek! Although this theory has been disproven, it is still part of the Christmas shopping season lore.

Where and when was the first Black Friday?

It as we know it was founded in Philadelphia nearly 100 years ago. According to the History Channel in the 1950s, there was a rush of shoppers anticipating the Army-Navy football match, which caused traffic and crowds. The term “Black Friday” was adopted as the name for the annual event in 1961. The name and concept of were not popularized until the mid-1980s. Over the years, more retailers joined and stores opened earlier and earlier every year. This eventually led to the sales we now know as Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.

When does it start in 2023?

This year 2023 will be held Friday November 24, 2023. Major retailers such as Walmart stopped opening on Thanksgiving evening and instead opened their doors at 8 a.m. the following day. You can still shop online no matter when or where you are shopping. No matter how you shop, there are always great deals!

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