Top Black Friday Deals 2023: Where To Find?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, which falls on a Friday immediately following Thanksgiving is regarded as the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas. In the year 2000, it was popular because it was advertised on websites for online shopping to compete with physical stores’ sales. The term was used by traditional retailers and online sellers from all over the country.

What is Black Friday mean?

Thanksgiving Day in the United States falls on the Thursday of Thanksgiving of November. Black Friday is the next most popular shopping day during the entire year. A lot of retailers set their best discounts and sales on the date.

The name is also a reference also to accounting terms such as “in the red,” that refers to profit. A lot of retailers earn a profit in November and December but they’re losing the majority of the time (in in red).

To make the shopping experience more extended, retailers began shifting the beginning time of the sale on Black Friday starting on Friday from the morning to evening in order to boost the amount of traffic. This was implemented in 2013 and 2014. Some retailers go even further and begin Black sales on Mondays prior to Thanksgiving Day.

History and Origin

According to Philadelphia The usage of the word “Friday” as a title for the day that follows Thanksgiving was first introduced around 1950. Police officers would use the word internally in reference to the massive number of people and vehicles that clogged the shopping areas of Philadelphia each year. Violence and accidents were common between the vehicles and pedestrians who were clogging the streets of Philadelphia each year. Each police officer was require to on hand to control the chaos and ensure the order.

It was in 1966 that Earl Apfelbaum, a Philadelphia rare stamp dealer published the first recorded usage in 1966 of Black Friday. The phrase was used primarily in Philadelphia until the early 2000s. However, it did find some usage in other regions during the 1980s.

Initial retailers were reluctant to make use of the name since Black dates of the week traditionally refer to events that were not favorable. A few examples include:

  • Black Monday Oct. 19 1987 the Dow Jones index plunged 22 percent in a single day.
  • The Black Thursday of October. 24 1929 The 1929 crash in the stock market is traditionally thought to be the first sign of the Great Depression.
  • Black Friday, September 24 1869 The crash of the U.S. Gold market was the beginning of Black Friday. It was the major trading market of the time. Investors from all levels of income could represent and a large portion ended up in bankruptcy.

Retailers opted to alter their negative perceptions of Black. Accounting traditionally has revealed business losses in red ink, and profits or gains when using black ink. A lot of retailers are “in the red” after the fall season, but will be “into the green” during the season of shopping for Christmas.

Black Friday Deals and Online Shopping

Online shoppers can benefit from offers by stores which begin simultaneously with sales in stores. Online shoppers might be able to avail different deals on door-busters from retailers which offer limited amounts in doorbuster deals.

Cyber Monday came about because of the need to stay clear of long lines and crowds. Cyber Monday, the following Monday is all about online shopping. Special deals are offer on specific shopping websites every hour. Cyber Monday deals typically begin before Black Friday deals. It’s an excellent idea for online consumers for them to search around and frequently visit their preferred sites to find special bargains.

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