What You Must Know Before Visiting Mauritius for Pleasure

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, the picturesque island of Mauritius is a gem that beckons travelers seeking the perfect blend of stunning natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a touch of luxury. It’s indeed an ideal destination to spend some memorable time with your loved ones, away from Dubai’s bustling life.


However, before you book your charter flight from Dubai to Maldives, there are some factors you must take into consideration. Take a look at them:

Geography and Climate

Mauritius, situated off the southeast coast of Africa, boasts a diverse topography. From lush forests and cascading waterfalls to stunning coral reefs, the island is a haven for nature enthusiasts.


The tropical maritime climate provides year-round warmth, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F). However, the island is susceptible to cyclones from November to April, so it’s advisable to check weather forecasts before planning your visit.

Activities and Attractions

Beach Paradises

For many, the allure of Mauritius lies in its beaches. From the popular Trou aux Biches and Flic-en-Flac to the secluded Blue Bay and Belle Mare, there’s a beach for every preference. 


Water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing are abundant, allowing you to explore the island’s vibrant marine life and coral reefs.

Nature Exploration

The island offers an array of natural wonders. Visit the Black River Gorges National Park to marvel at endemic flora and fauna, hike through breathtaking trails, or witness the stunning Chamarel Seven-Colored Earth.


Don’t miss the chance to swim in the refreshing waters of the Tamarin Falls or explore the breathtaking underwater waterfall illusion at Le Morne.

Historical Sites

Delve into Mauritius’s history by visiting landmarks like the Aapravasi Ghat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that served as an immigration depot, and the Dutch Ruins in Vieux Grand Port, offering a glimpse into the island’s colonial past.


Practical Considerations

Visa and Entry Requirements

Most travelers can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 60 to 90 days, but it’s essential to check specific requirements based on your nationality.

Currency and Expenses

The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR). Credit cards are widely accepted, but it’s advisable to carry some cash for smaller establishments. Prices vary, but generally, Mauritius is considered a relatively affordable destination, although costs might be higher in more touristy areas.

Health and Safety

No specific vaccinations are required for entry into Mauritius. However, it’s recommended to have standard vaccinations up to date. The island has good healthcare facilities, but travel insurance is advisable. As with any travel, remain vigilant and take necessary precautions against petty theft.

Accommodations and Dining

Mauritius boasts a wide array of accommodations to suit various preferences and budgets. From luxury resorts offering private beaches and top-notch amenities to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly hotels, there’s something for everyone.


Many resorts provide all-inclusive packages, ensuring a hassle-free stay with meals, activities, and entertainment included.


The culinary scene in Mauritius is a delightful fusion of flavors influenced by its diverse population. From sumptuous street food to fine dining, you can savor a plethora of dishes that showcase the island’s multicultural heritage.


Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in local specialties such as ‘dholl puri’ (a type of flatbread served with curries), ‘gateau piment’ (chili cakes), and the famous ‘rougaille’ (a Creole dish with tomatoes, onions, and various meats or seafood).

Transportation and Getting Around

Public transport in Mauritius primarily consists of buses, which can be an economical way to explore the island. Taxis and rental cars are also available, providing more convenience and flexibility for travelers to navigate the island.


It’s essential to be cautious while driving, as the traffic can be dense, and some roads might be narrow or winding.

Festivals and Events

Immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities of Mauritius by timing your visit with local events and celebrations. The Chinese Spring Festival, Tamil Cavadee, and the Thaipoosam Cavadee are among the colorful religious festivals celebrated with fervor. The Sega music and dance festival is another highlight, showcasing the island’s traditional music and dance forms.

Language and Communication

While English is widely spoken in tourist areas and hotels, knowing a few basic phrases in Mauritian Creole or French can enhance your experience and interactions with locals. The warmth and friendliness of the Mauritian people contribute significantly to the overall experience of visiting the island.

Final Thoughts

In all, visiting Mauritius for pleasure entails an extraordinary journey. To ensure a seamless and enriching journey, book yourself a private jet charter in Dubai to Maldives and experience travel like never before.

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