Losing your job is a nightmare you never want to happen in real life; however, there is always that possibility even if you work hard and observe company policy. Although every employer has the right to dismiss an employee from work, they are obligated to provide a just reason for termination in accordance with labor and employment laws. If you have just been fired from your job and suspect it to be a wrongful discharge, here are some signs that you need an employment attorney in Madison, NJ to handle your case.


You were abruptly fired without just cause or in violation of your employment contract.

Your contractual agreement with your employer should specify what actions are considered a cause for termination. If your employer fires you, even if you have fulfilled all your obligations and have not engaged in the prohibited acts outlined in the agreement, you may need the legal expertise of a Madison employment attorney to determine the grounds for your dismissal, if any. They can review the provisions of your contract and identify the violations committed by your employer should the lawyer find your discharge to be without just cause.


You were dismissed for a discriminatory reason.

It is unlawful for employers to fire an employee on the basis of age, color, race, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, and other protected characteristics. If you believe that the grounds for your termination are discriminatory in nature, a Madison employment law attorney can provide legal guidance and help file a claim for wrongful discharge.


You were discharged for reporting harassment in the workplace.

If you reported workplace harassment and a hostile work environment and doing so resulted in your dismissal, it is a sign to hire an employment lawyer. Not only will they submit a complaint against your employer to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), but they can also take legal action and prepare your retaliatory termination case.


You were terminated for taking your rightful leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

On the condition that you have eligibility for the Family and Medical Leave Act, your employer cannot fire you for exercising your right to take FMLA leave. In the event that they do, you can seek the legal assistance of a Madison employment lawyer to aid you in filing a complaint against them with the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.


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You were fired for blowing the whistle on your employer’s fraudulent behavior and illegal activities.

You can file for a retaliatory discharge claim if your employment is terminated after exposing your employer’s wrongdoings to the authorities in the interest of the public. Since you are a whistleblower, your employer is forbidden from taking any adverse actions in response to your disclosure of their unethical practices. A labor law attorney can build your case and file a lawsuit against your employer in order to help you receive compensation for the monetary and non-monetary damages you have suffered.

Should you be wrongfully dismissed from your job, know that you can rely on the legal services provided by our wrongful termination employment attorneys in Madison. At Green Savits, LLC, we are passionate about our advocacy to protect and fight for the rights of every employee. We will carefully study your case, discuss your legal options, and help you achieve the justice you deserve. Call us today to request a consultation with our competent employment law experts.


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