Roles and Responsibilities of Home Owners During House Shifting

You might have heard about the roles and responsibilities of packers and movers during house shifting. But, have you ever wondered what are your roles and responsibilities during home relocation as a homeowner?

No, it’s not only related to hiring reliable packers and movers service, nor packing your stuff, there are much more responsibilities than this.

Today we are going to discuss the roles and responsibilities of homeowners during house shifting. Read the article till the end to discover the tips and tricks for safe and happy household relocation in India.

Your Roles and Responsibilities During Home Relocation

You must be either worried or very excited about moving into a new home, or it can be a mixed feeling of both. Well, whatever the case, you have got certain duties that you need to complete with full devotion. Here is the list of roles and responsibilities of every homeowner that are necessary to do during house shifting in India.

Get rid of useless items

Even if you think you have got only useful things at home, you need to have a look at your goods again. Home relocation allows you to declutter your home and get rid of those unnecessary items that you have held on to for so long for no good reason.

Walk through all the rooms including the living room and see for the things that are lying there uselessly. It could be anything from furniture to home decor, clothes, shoes, and books. Initially, you may not realize its importance but after seeing the benefits of decluttering your home, you would realize why it’s good to get rid of items before relocating to a new place.

You can either donate the goods, give them away to family members, or simply discard them. All these will help you get rid of junk or items that are not useful for you.

Pack personal items

Homeowners cannot hand over everything to packers and movers to pack and move. There are a few expensive and important things that should be packed by the owner only. When you plan to move your house then it’s your duty to pack the essential items. You should start with important documents and files. Pack the jewelry and expensive items separately.

And not only this, you will have to pack the essentials as well. While relocating your home, all your household items will be moved by movers. So, you cannot use anything until movers deliver them to the destination. It takes time to arrive the goods and you would need a few things to spend the rest of the day or night. Hence, pack the essentials in a separate bag and keep them aside.

Make an inventory list of the items

Once you are done with decluttering and packing the essentials, you will be left with the belongings that your movers will pack and move. But, before they will come and start packing the items, it’s important to have an inventory list. This list will help you cross-check the delivered items to look for any missing or damaged items.

Make a detailed inventory list without overlooking any important item. Keep the original with you and give a copy to your movers as well. Use it to cross-check the items after delivery. And claim insurance for any damaged or missing items.

Book packers and movers services

This is one of the major responsibilities of the homeowner during house shifting. It is imperative to relocate home with professional packers and movers in Navi Mumbai because they are skilled and knowledgeable. They know what it takes to deliver the items safely. You will enjoy a safe and hassle-free move. But for this, you will have to be sure that you are hiring an experienced and skillful team of professionals. Otherwise, you will face the consequences.

Hire the best packers and movers near you. Search on the internet or rely on online service portals that provide references for the top goods carrier companies. Get their quotes and hire the one that best fits your requirements and budget.

Clean everything

Before your packers and movers pack your belongings and load them onto the truck, clean all your belongings. Cleaning is a chaotic task. And, you will put yourself into trouble by procrastinating cleaning till you arrive at a new house. Unpacking and rearranging your stuff in the new house will be easier if everything is already cleaned. So, get everything washed and cleaned in your current house only.

Create a no-packing zone

As not everything will be moved by your movers, you must keep a separate place for all your essentials and bags that you are going to take with you. Keep these items in a room with a clear indication of “do not pack”. And if you don’t have a separate room for that then keep the goods in a corner and clarify the movers for not packing those items.

Prepare your new house

You cannot wake up and move into your new house. The house needs some preparation to bring it into a livable condition. Contact the utility companies, get it painted with a fresh coat of paint, clean the house, get pest control done, and change the door locks.

Plan for the safety of your kids and pets

Moving with kids can be difficult. Therefore, you will have to keep a proper plan in place to keep your kids and pets safe during the household move. They can disturb packers and movers and make their tasks more challenging. And, also there are chances they will hurt themselves. So arrange for them to keep them safe.

Take pictures of the house and household goods

Before your belongings get packed, take pictures of them. This should be done with heavy and expensive items so that you can claim insurance in case of any damage. Also, before shifting the new house get pictures of it, especially when it’s a rented house or apartment.

Keep cash ready

During house shifting, you may need money for any reason. Hence, it’s important to keep cash handy. And to tip your movers for a tremendous job, you will need cash. So, withdraw money and keep it with you.

In Conclusion

Home relocation is a daunting task, but when it is done under the supervision of professional packers and movers then it turns into a fun chore. And now you also know about the roles and responsibilities of a homeowner during house shifting. If you want to have the best relocation experience then perform your duties well.

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