Double door locks

Double door locks are a common type of door locks fitted to provide added security. These locks go beyond the traditional single-cylinder deadbolts by incorporating key cylinders on the door’s interior and exterior sides.

Double door handle locks operate using a unique mechanism that requires a key to lock or unlock doors from both sides. A key cylinder on both sides of the door contains pins and tumblers that align when only the correct key is inserted. When the pins align, they allow the key to turn smoothly, locking or unlocking the door.

When locking the door, you insert the key into the key cylinder on one side and turn it. This action will engage the deadbolts, extending them fully into the door frame and securely locking them. The key can then be removed, leaving the door closed until when the key is used again.

When unlocking the door, you insert the key from any side and turn it. The action will retract the deadbolt, allowing the door to open. 

Benefits of Double Door Handle Locks

The main purpose of the double locks is to enhance the door’s security. Yet, they offer more benefits. Some of them include:

They firmly restrict access. Unless you have the right key, you may be unable to lock or unlock the door. The enhanced features, such as the key cylinders on both sides and proper pin alignment, make them easier to operate only with the correct key.

They offer a keyed experience. As long as you have the right key, double door locks give the convenience of locking or unlocking the door from either side you are on. It has key cylinders on both sides, which can engage in making the deadbolt lock or retract to close.

They are compatible with double doors. Double door handle locks come in many designs and shapes, making them compatible with many doors. They can also be fitted in place of an existing single-cylinder deadbolt, making it easy to upgrade your door cost-effectively.  

They are easy to use. Double door locks are engineered to be user-friendly. The method of operation for locks is consistent, whether you are inside or outside. To lock, insert and turn the key in one direction. To unlock, turn the key in the opposite direction. This way, you don’t have to worry about the older people or children in your house because they can efficiently operate the door. 

They give your door a stylish look. Whether you go to newly built homes or offices, you will always find double-handle locks. They come in many types, and their sleek design gives them a touch of modern sophistication. They also have a smooth finish, which allows them to exude a sense of refinement and elegance in any door type.

With their many types, the main double door lock price depends on the material used and the brand. If you get a good finish from a good brand, you are sure to give your door a modern fashion with a contemporary look.

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