green tourmaline quartz jewelry

The stone that activates the heart chakra, is adored for its exemplary beauty and mystical properties that channelizes energy in the body. Also known as verdelite, it is a crysyallite silicate mineral that has hailed from the complex family of aluminium borosilicate. Jewelers all over the world often mix slight quantities of iron and magnesium with tourmaline, depending upon the overall caret size as well as the shape of the tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline jewelry is usually priced for its marvelous and magnificent shades of intriguing hues that ranges across red, pink, green, blue, brown, etc.

It is basically due to the presence of these particles which lends such appealing colors to tourmaline jewelry.

The Meaning and Symbol of Tourmaline

Most of us are aware that the vibrant opal jewelry is recognized to be the auspicious October birthstone. However, only a few of us are versed with the fact that adorning tourmaline jewelry also brings fortune and good luck for those born in October. Its only in 1952 that the charming pink tourmaline has been recognized as the “October birthstone” by National Association of Jewelry.

In the realm of gems and jewels, the mighty tourmaline is treasured to be an epitome of creativity and wisdom, and it also unlocks the untapped potential of the mind. And if you are wearing a blue hue tourmaline pendant, then its divide energies will indeed bless u life with peace, positivity and charm.

Specially if you are someone with high spiritual goals, then tourmaline can indeed accelerate your journey by unlocking the divine powers trapped within the third-eye or the crown chakra. These spiritual vibrations creates an aura around the person that emanates positivity and harmony.

Moreover, the wearer is also able to express his affection and love for all his close allies since tourmaline channelizes energy towards the cleansing of heart chakra as well. When the heart chakra is misaligned, the person may go through turmoils, such as control and dominance in his relationship. That subdueds him from the opportunity to grow personally and experience inner peace.

An irritated response to all the external stimuli is often caused by such mental disarray. The Green Tourmaline Jewelry’s supteme energy can channelize the heart chakra towards attaining stability and love as well as emotional balance. This not only enhances the strengthens and emotional awareness, but also improves the sense of connection to the other half.

The Green Tourmaline Jewelry

One of the most elegant and eye-captivating extension of tourmaline jewelry, with a fine and visually appealing colour grading that mesmerizea the wearer, is beautiful and stupendous green tourmaline quartz jewellery. Green tourmaline jewellery draws a great deal of luck, prosperity, knowledge, and wealth into the wearer’s life. In addition t opresenting financial chances, it hastens the achievement of materialistic objectives

Never leave a chance to skyrocket your exquisiteness and beauty by adorning yourself with gleaming and stunning green tourmaline quartz jewelry. From that stylish and sizzling Green tourmaline quartz ring to that shinning piece of green tourmaline quartz pendant, every specimen of green tourmaline blesses the soul and body of the wearer with a touch of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

The Right way to Wear Green tourmaline Quartz Jewelry

Having a high ornamental value, wearing green tourmaline can uplift the spirit of the person. That holds significance both for the masculine and feminine energy.

The Ultimate Green Tourmaline Guide for men

Amongst the male class, green tourmaline is treasured to empower and enhance the masculine energy, and nurture strong men. The supreme powers emanating out of this magical stones, nourishes and unlocks the rigid masculinity of the boys, and assist them in becoming grown-up, mature boys.

  • Green Tourmaline gemstone makes the men courageous and strong from within

  • It regulates the male hormones that leads to improved sexual performance

  • It activates the muscular growth that help men to attain an attractive physique

  • For those who are athletes, it helps them elevate their performance with better stamina and endurance

It ensures intact health of the reproductive organs that leads to better production of testesterone

  • It leads to harmony between the masculine character and the feminine energy for and long-lasting relationship with a strong foundation

The Guide to Green Tourmaline for women

When it comes to bestowing the feminine energy with ultimate transformational powers. The astounding and divine energies of green tourmaline leaves no stone unturned:

  • It leads to better hormonal health amongst women

  • It act as a shield against some formidable conditions like PCOD and other hormonal-related imbalances

  • It leads to improved stamina and better physical strength and conditioning

Astounding Benefits of Putting on Green Tourmaline Gemstone

  1. It Leads to Re-Alignment of the Chakras

The harmonius vibrations of the green tourmaline jewelry channelizes the energy in the body. That triggers re-positioning of the chakras for the holistic well-being of the wearer.

Such a re-positioning brings plethora of benefits for the mind, body and soul of the person collectively.

From enhancing focus to fostering peace of mind, as well as inclining the person towards self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. The benefits of such Re-Alignment is indeed prolific for the wearer.

  1. It Shields the body and Soul Against Negative Energy

A source of divine positivity, wearing beautiful green tourmaline quartz jewelry ensures protection of the mind. Body and soul from the negativities and devilish force lingering in the environment.

An additional benefit is that it channelizes the energy towards fostering building a solution oriented mindset by developing an optimistic approach.

  1. It Strengthens the Immune System

Green Tourmaline purifies and strengthens the sensory system, permitting it to convey more Soul force.

As far as lending health benefits to the wearer is concerned, green tourmaline is the ideal pick for most of the jewelry lovers around the globe.

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Amongst the myraid of health benefits, the foremost is the quick recovery from arthritis and protection from liver infection.

Some other miraculous benefits that comes witb adorning yourself with green tourmaline quartz jewelry are:

  1. It unlocks the create insights of the mind and nurtures positivity

  1. It makes the person physically strong and mentally tough

  1. It calms down anxiety and depression

  1. It also shields the lungs from potential damage due to electromagnetic pollution

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