Housekeeping is not an easy task at all. Overall, your home won’t stay spick and span without pursuing daily cleaning chores. Apart from seasonal cleaning, you need to follow good habits daily that keep your home free from clutter. It might appear impossible, especially for those who have to manage a hectic professional life, as well.

But, smart cleaning tricks can save you time and effort. That’s why we have brought you some exclusive cleaning tips that professionals would rarely disclose. Now, you and your family can seamlessly handle the chaos of cleaning without simply relying on housekeeping. As a benefit, your home remains clean and hygienic all around the year.

  • Put Shoes at your Door

Your shoes bear all the dust and germs, and allowing shoes in the hallway or anywhere in the home means compromising with the health standards. Additionally, they would invite unwanted dust particles and dirt everywhere in the house. 

On the other hand, if you wonder about your home with bare feet, then it would turn into a mess. And, you might have to pursue cleaning every hour. According to cleaning Handyman Dubai, you can ease the chores of cleaning by creating definite shoe storage. You can add extra shelves according to the number of family members. 

Moreover, don’t forget to place a fiber rug at the entryway of your home. Position a rough mat outside the door where you can dust away from your shoes before entering the home.

  • Keep Everything in its Place Right after Use

This hack might seem very obvious and not worth mentioning. Still, we have come across instances where people forget to keep their belongings at their definite places. And, this creates more untidiness. For example, if you don’t place your used clothes in their desired places, they might simply evoke the clutter. The list goes on — leaving used dishes in the sink or putting shoes at the doorway until it comes tomorrow.

Don’t ever grow such a habit. You might be running late for putting everything in its place. But, make sure that you place them accordingly as soon as possible. Or else, all the dishes can be piled up in the sink overnight. For clothes and other essentials, consider extending the closet. Over-the-door organisers are great for space-efficient ideas.

  • Organise the Beds every Morning

Make bed every morning, and it’s the key to keep your bedroom organised and would reduce your stress. Additionally, a clean bed indulges in happiness. So, take a few minutes to make your bed after you get up. If you don’t get the time, ask your partner’s help.

In addition to this, you can fold those blankets and sheets and place them in their respective self. When you are in the bedroom, take a duster to dust desks and shelves. Don’t forget to vacuum area rugs and floors, as well. Wipe the table beside your bed, and you’re good to go!

  • Arrange Different Laundry Basket for Every Member

Mostly, people end up with a dedicated laundry basket for every person in the family. But, this might give you headaches when it comes to laundry day. You should get a dedicated laundry basket for every person under the same roof.

What are the advantages? Well, you can pursue one laundry at a time. Additionally, the clothes remain arranged for laundry. If you find it impossible to arrange different laundry baskets for every family member, then at least have two different ones. The extra should contain those linens that require extra attention and care.

  • Wash Dishes every Night

Well, you might not feel the vibe to do the dishes at night. Whether you consider the dishwasher or prefer hand washing your dishes, it’s best to complete the task by night. And, you come by clean dishes every morning. Additionally, you need not face water dripping from dishes. After all, who likes wet dishes!

As suggested by cleaning services Dubai, these habits will keep you more relaxed. You will experience a more delightful and clean kitchen every morning. On the other hand, you won’t face piles of dishes in the sink when you return home. If you’re feeling too lazy to wash dishes at night, you can turn up the music. And, organise your dishes inside the dishwasher or lather perfectly while concentrating on your favourite song.

  • Involve your Entire Family in Cleaning

Housekeeping is not the task for a specific family member, and so is the cleaning. Don’t take the entire cleaning load on yourself. Tasks get way easier when you distribute them. Additionally, when you involve your family in the cleaning regime, you are sharing much-required quality time.

Moreover, you can teach your children some wonderful health habits in terms of hygiene maintenance. Your children get used to disciplinary behaviours, as well. Ask your children or other family members to put things at their places, manage chores, and put dishes in the dishwasher. Do this every day, and they will grow a healthy habit of keeping their surroundings clean.

  • Mop Tables and counters after Every Meal

Keeping surfaces clean and sanitised should be our main concern while dealing with cleaning task. Especially when Dubai is known for frequent sandstorms and extreme weather conditions. So, take care of your tables and counters as you treat them as the safest place to enjoy your meals.

To keep the hassles at bay, you should consider wiping tables and counters after you finish every meal. It would get rid of dirt and dust instantly. For better results, you can consider a sanitiser or food-safe sanitiser to clean and disinfect those surfaces.

  • Position Cleaning Supplies where you Make Use of them

It’s a dedicated tip for bathroom cleaning schedules. If you think for a minute, you will discover that every bathroom equipment comes with a definite cleaning requirement. Additionally, you have to deploy specific cleaning supplies. For example, you need a mild cleaning agent to eliminate those scuffs from the bathroom mirror

You would require a strong chemical for dealing with clogged drains. Thus, if you arrange cleaning supplies according to the positions you use, things will be more manageable. Moreover, keeping those cleaning supplies nearby, where you use them, would save you enough time.

Finally, Invest 10 Minutes in Cleaning before you Go to Bed

Yeah, it might sound weird, but trust us, it will help you manage cleaning chores. Grow a habit of scanning and cleaning your surroundings before going to bed. For the initial days, you can set the alarm on your smartphone to remind you of the pending task.

Spend this ten minutes to survey your home and every room. Check if anything needs to be done and everything remains in its place. If required, give those floors a quick mop. Don’t avoid bathrooms for the complete cleaning and routined checkup. 

Well, clutter can grow in piles at any time. So, consider decluttering your home at least once a month for the best output. Start with such small steps and experience your house sparkly clean all around the year.

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