In today’s busy and highly digitalized world, the proverb time and tide wait for no man proves true. As the world began to move rapidly, making the best out of time has become an essential skill to muster: every second counts as an opportunity. That is where calendar management

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You will likely wonder what calendar management skills are. It involves a systematic procedure of organizing all the activities in a day, such as meetings, tasks, and events. Thereby, you can make the best out of the valuable resource that is time. So you will be more productive throughout the day and complete more tasks with less time.

Why are Calendar Management Skills Essential?

If you master calendar management skills, that will enable you to efficiently and effectively manage time. It has immense benefits for your business. For instance, you can complete client projects on time and enhance the productivity and efficiency of your team. Not only that, but it also improves the collaboration among the team members.

This article shares 7 tested and effective calendar management skills you have to master.

1. Ensure that you have the right tools at your disposal

The primary step toward mastering calendar management skills begins by ensuring that you have the right tools. Gone are the days of large paper calendars where you would probably write important notes. These days, people use digital calendar applications that they can access from their digital devices, making the calendar more portable.

Since many tools are available, the key to mastering the skill lies in selecting the right tool for the job. You can, for instance, consider using online scheduling software like Picktime. The software offers many features, one of them being a customizable page where you can accept bookings 24/7, and also your clients book the meetings with you at any time.

As an entrepreneur, you may have to attend many meetings a day. The calendar feature of the software gives you a complete overview of the schedule for the day. That will enable you to prioritize the meetings based on their importance. The software sends automated reminders to enhance communication with the team and clients via email and SMS. So they know what the meeting will be about and be ready for it.

2. Develop planning as a habit

Planning is a habit that people often undermine. You have to cultivate the habit of setting aside some time to plan your day. For instance, you have to set aside some time to plan your day. Every day in the evening, you can consider sparing some time to make a plan for how you will spend your following day. That will assist you to stay on top of things.

Otherwise, you can consider planning your whole week during the weekend. Maybe, on Sundays, you can consider sparing some time to plan your entire weekend. Remember that the challenge here is not how we spend time but determining how we will spend the time.

If you plan, you will know how much time you can spend on each task and determine the essential functions that you have to complete. So you can quickly prioritize and ensure that there is room for taking up additional responsibilities.

3. Monitor how you spend your time

You have to perform multiple daily tasks as an entrepreneur or a working professional, and your day quickly turns into a hectic one. So it is essential that you track how you spend your time. That means you have to track how much time you spend completing each task. That will help you plan your day and reveal any flaws in managing your time.

For instance, while tracking how you spend your time, you will likely notice that you spend a considerable amount of time checking emails. You can utilize the time to complete other essential tasks. You may think about how you can accomplish that.  While checking the emails, prioritize the ones that you have to respond to immediately. Consequently, you will save a great deal of time.

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4. Reevaluate your calendar

If you want to be more productive and master calendar management skills, you can consider reviewing the calendar you have created. So you will have a fair idea about the number of meetings you have scheduled for the week and the tasks you plan to complete. That will help you to develop a better way to manage your time and identify the meetings that are less important.

Furthermore, merely making a calendar is not enough. You have to review your calendar daily, which will help you determine whether everything is falling into place as you have planned. So you do not have to make any last-minute changes.

5. Delegate duties and responsibilities

Let us admit that we cannot be in all places at once. So you can consider assigning duties and responsibilities to your staff. So you can follow up with your team to receive updates regarding the tasks that you have assigned. For instance, you can send your staff to attend meetings on your behalf that you need not attend yourself.

Furthermore, if you think shortlisting candidates for hiring is time-consuming. Many tools are available that ease the process and help you determine the ideal candidates to fill the vacancy.

6. Set reminders

One of the essential aspects of calendar management skills is creating reminders. Every calendar application offers a reminder feature. That will motivate you to complete the tasks on time and remind you of the deadline you have established to complete the task. Suppose you have assigned tasks to your team. You can follow up with them to ensure everything goes as planned. So you can complete the projects timely.

7. Leave some room for breaks

Let us face reality; we cannot be working all day long. We have to take some breaks to recharge ourselves. Otherwise, you will work yourself to exhaustion and become less productive. So while scheduling the calendar, make room for short breaks. That will make you more productive and help you achieve your goals.

Hopefully, the tips we have shared in this article will assist you in mastering calendar management skills. So you will be more productive and stay on top of things.

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